Food Security Assembly 2004

“Growing Together: Cultivating Food Security in Canadian Society”

Organizational Details

Hosted by the Canadian Food Grains Bank & Winnipeg Harvest.

This event is intended to provide an opportunity to engage Canadians from all sectors including farmers, fisher-folk, academics, health, government, domestic & international NGOs, and those who are food insecure on the many facets of food security.

The term “assembly” is used intentionally to emphasize the intention to bring together people from across the broad spectrum of food security work to share insights and expertise. The term lends itself to diversity gathered together under one banner: that of food security. This will be a unique opportunity to connect across the many mandates that exist in the work of food security.

The goals and vision of the Assembly represent the diversity of issues that food security presents for the various sectors who are participating as organizers, presenters and participants.


Definition of Food Security: The assurance that all people at all times have both the physical and economic access to the food they need for an active, healthy life. It means that the food itself is nutritionally adequate, culturally appropriate and that this food be obtained in a way that upholds basic human dignity.

The Food Security Assembly 2004 is building on the “Working Together: Civil Society Working for Food Security in Canada” Conference held at Ryerson University in June 2001.

Vision Statement

“Increasing public awareness and encouraging those involved in food security work.”


  1. To increase public awareness and understanding of food security.
    1. By celebrating efforts in the food security arena, both locally and globally.
    2. By embracing the issues surrounding food security work.
    3. By deliberating on how to present issues relating to food security to the public.
  2. To encourage and refresh individuals and groups involved in food security work.
    1. By telling our stories and capitalizing on our individual and collective strengths.
    2. By using trained moderators to help us find our common ground.
    3. By learning from each other’s experiences through analysis of both “successes” and “failures.”


  1. To help the Government of Canada maintain the promise it made during the World Food Summit of 1996 to reduce the world’s hungry by one half as part of its commitment to the Millennium Development Goals. By further forging links between non-government organizations, civil society and government, we can help to strengthen a response.
  2. To foster public engagement with NGOs and civil society to address the issue of Food Security, Food Sovereignty and the Right to Food with local, national and international partners. This assembly will be a forum for future planning, implementation and evaluation of new public awareness strategies and campaigns.
  3. To bring together those who are concerned about food security and who are active on agricultural, health, food program delivery, community economic development, economic and political fronts from the grassroots to policy makers. We will gather and share our strengths.

Pre-Assembly Forum

On October 13 there will be a pre-assembly forum hosted by the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, SEED Winnipeg and Co-operative Development Services of Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives.

This forum will provide a venue for information exchange and the promotion of co-operatives as a flexible and effective mechanism to address different aspects of food security. More information…


Download our brochure: Inside pages (PDF, 1.5 MB), Front/back pages (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Contact Info

Looking for more information? Contact us at:

Email: planners@foodsecurityassembly.ca
Phone: 1-204-982-3675

Assembly on Food Security
c/o Winnipeg Harvest
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