Background:  Canada’s Action Plan for Food Security
• At the November 1996 World Food Summit, hosted in Rome by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, Canada and the international community made the commitment to reduce by half the number of hungry and undernourished no later than the year 2015.
• Following the World Food Summit organized by the FAO in 1996, Canada prepared a long-term plan of action that will focus the efforts of the various actors involved on the overriding goal of reducing food insecurity at home and abroad.
• Canada’s Action Plan contains plans and actions to improve food security both domestically and internationally and was launched on October 16, 1998.
• This Action Plan involves all government levels and civil society. It builds on Canada’a international commitments and our domestic economic, social and environmental programs and policies.
• This multi-sectoral approach constitutes the strength of Canada’s Action Plan since it involves the federal governments, provinces and territories, NGOs and private institutions and groups.
• Canada’s Action Plan comprises a combination of domestic and international initiatives and activities at home and abroad to address the many aspects of food security, including ensuring a safe and nutritious food supply for all, finding economically and environmentally sustainable ways to increase food production, and promoting health and education.