Presentations and Slides

If you presented at the assembly and have powerpoint slides or other material which could be made available here on the website, please send it to

Karen Archibald – Community-based Food Programs (PDF, 11 MB) or Powerpoint (55 MB)
Jerry Buckland- The Inadequacy of Liberalization & Economic Growth to Overcome Global Poverty (PDF) or Word .doc
Debbie Field – Child Nutrition in Canada (PDF, 5 MB) or Powerpoint (27 MB)
Debbie Field – Community-based Food Programs (PDF, 11 MB) or Powerpoint (55 MB)
Janine Gibson – The Organic Sector in Canada (PDF) or Powerpoint
Janine Gibson – The Positive Contributions of Organic Production (PDF 3 MB) or Powerpoint
Cathy Holtslander – The Safety of our Meat Supply (outline) (PDF) or Word .doc
Jean-Charles Le Vallee – Food Safety and Food Security (PDF) or Powerpoint
Gary Martens – Do GMO’s have a role in food security? (PDF) or Word .doc
Ramona Scott – Agriculture and Conservation: Striving for the Best of Both in One World (PDF) or Word .doc
Charles Seiden – Food Affordability for Consumers (PDF) or Word .doc
Joyce Slater – Obesity Holarchy (PDF) and Obesity_Priorities (PDF)
Brent Warner – Farmers’ Markets (PDF, 6 MB) or Powerpoint (85 MB)